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Artists from the Coomaditchie Co-operative are some of the premier Aboriginal artists in the Illawarra region. Their art captures the spirit, colours and stories of their cultural heritage as coastal people.


Coomaditchie artists use art as a tool of engagement to share stories and help the community to learn about culture


To learn more about the symbols used by Coomaditchie artists in their paintings view the glossary of symbols.


Research shows that when people participate in art-making they are likely to form new friendships, find new ways of expressing their own story and develop a sense of belonging to a community.


Coomaditchie artists work collaboratively with community groups, schools, and university students to create art using murals, mosaics and public artworks.


Ask us how we can work with you….





"The presence of Aboriginal art in public spaces builds appreciation of Aboriginal culture and heritage in the place where it is installed, helping to keep East Coast Aboriginal culture alive. It creates a different layer of meaning for non-Aboriginal people, educating them about the Aboriginal significance of an area in an exciting and challenging way."


..... Unique Practices of Coomaditchie Artists, a Joint Research Project




Coomaditchie Public Artworks


Coomaditchie Artists have worked in collaboration and partnership with many community organisations, schools and government bodies to create public artworks.


Bellambi Safe Streets Project

Beverley Whitfield Pool Project, Mosaic, Shellharbour

Blackbutt Reserve Amphitheatre

Blue Dreaming Mural, Belmore Basin

Communities Against Crime Mosaic, Coomaditchie, Kemblawarra

Coomaditchy Lagoon Mosaic and Totems

Cringilla Park Bread Oven

From the Mountains to the Sea, Mural and Totem Poles, Coomadiatchy Lagoon

Gurungaty Water Place, Wollongong Town Hall

Heritage Park Totems, MM Beach, Port Kembla

Merrigong Environmental Sculptures, Mt Keira

Merrigong The Dreamings Mural, Kemblawarra Public School

Murals, Shellcove Family Health Centre

Murals, St Patrick’s Port Kembla School

Ngaraba-aan Trail Sculptures

Port Kembla Hospital Murals

Port Kembla Swimming Pool Project, Art Workshop

Port Kembla Wentworth St Upgrade - Road Circle Designs

Port Kembla Sea Wall, Hill 60 - Sydney Water

Shellcove Family Health Centre Murals

Shellharbour Foreshore Footpath Tile Designs

Shellharbour Renal Centre Murals, Shellharbour Hospital

Shellharbour TAFE Student Workshop Panels

Shellharbour War Memorial Walkway Inserts

Sirens of Woolyungah, Blue Mile, Belmore Basin

Tile Mosaics, Mt Kembla Colliery Disaster Memorial

Time Circle Mosaic, Shellharbour

Waarawomg Street Mural

Wollongong Courthouse Pole Mural



Much of the public art created by Coomaditchie artists feature in this Public Art StoryMap of Wollongong and surrounds









The six daughters

Tony Markham
The six daughters
The six daughters

The six daughters

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Bundaleer murals

Bundaleer murals

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Bundaleer Belly Casts

Bundaleer Belly Casts

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Sirens of Woolungah

Sirens of Woolungah

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Coomaditchie artists work extensively on private or corporate commissions. If you have an idea you would like to explore, please contact us to discuss how we could bring it to life.

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