In accordance with traditional Aboriginal religious beliefs, we have a spiritual attachment to our land and the flora and fauna upon it. We conserve and utilise our natural resources in line with traditional wisdom thereby preserving them for future generations.

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Coomaditchie Lagoon (also known as Coomaditchy Lagoon) and its surrounds are of significance to our local area for aesthetic, scientific and cultural reasons. The Lagoon is one of the largest lagoons in Wollongong and is a rare and important wildlife habitat populated with seagulls, swans and pelicans. The Coomaditchie United Aboriginal Corporation is a caretaker of this precious resource.​


Listen to the ABC Radio National Off Track programme featuring Coomaditchie Elder, Lorraine Brown speaking about how the Coomaditchie United Aboriginal Corporation is taking care of the lagoon.

ABC Radio National - Off Track, Sunday 25 March 2012



To learn more about Country and our connection to Country in the Illawarra, follow the links on the resources below.

Murni Dhungang Jirrar

Murni Dhungang Jirrar

A book about Aboriginal people's use of plants and animals in the Illawarra area, south of Sydney. The title means animal food (Murni), plant food (Dhungang) and fur (Jirrar) in Dharawal language. The book includes interviews with Aboriginal people, combined with extensive background research. It explores the spiritual and economic significance of various Illawarra environments - to the Aboriginal people of the Illawarra.

The Fight to Save Illowra

The Fight to Save Illowra

A collection of material relating to the Save Hill 60 campaign, along with an historical chronology of the site and related references.