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Narelle Thomas

Chairperson, Community Worker, Bushcare Advisor, Artist

Born in Nowra in the mid-1960s, Narelle is a Yuin/Jerrinjah woman and is descended from the Gunai Kurnai nation. Narelle spent her childhood in the Shoalhaven and has lived in the Illawarra since the 1970s. She is highly skilled in bush regeneration and is an accomplished artist and community worker. Narelle and her sister Lorraine Brown create beautiful artworks. Lorraine and Narelle work like professional dancers, one leads and the other follows and no-one steps on any toes. Narelle is a qualified Aboriginal heritage and sites worker and has participated in many archeological surveys in the Illawarra region. Both Narelle and Lorraine are committed to their families and the Coomaditchie community.

Lorraine Brown

Co-Chairperson, Community Worker, Coomaditchie Premier Artist

Lorraine is an experienced worker who has supported and mentored community members for over twenty-five years. She is descended from the Gunai Kurnai nation and is a Yuin/Jerrinjah woman born in Bega, one of 7 children, and raised in the Shoalhaven. She moved to the Illawarra in 1972 and now calls this home. Lorraine is the premier artist of the Coomaditchie United Aboriginal Corporation. Together with her sister Narelle, Lorraine has contributed to a prolific amount of public art in the Illawarra. She views her ability to paint as a gift. Lorraine uses bold colours that reflect her coastal upbringing. "We are East coast saltwater people", she says. My colours symbolise my life. I had a great childhood, great parents, family and extended family.

Nicole Archibald

Treasurer, Community Worker

Nicole has been with Coomaditchie for over 10 years as a worker and volunteer and is also the Treasurer. Nicole is the stalwart of the Coomaditchie Learning Club and supports volunteers to appreciate and adhere to culturally appropriate practices. She also keeps the children on focus. Nicole is also employed as the Project Support Worker for the Ngaramura Project ensuring the facility is ready for project participants.

Kristy 'Lil' Thomas

Administration Manager, Coomaditchie

Lil is an integral member of the Coomaditchie, daughter of the esteemed premier artist Narelle Thomas. She manages the programs and day to day functions of Coomaditchie. Lil has many years experience as a caseworker working with vulnerable families and has a Diploma in Community Services. She is the mother of four children, and is a qualified Accountant and Bookkeeper, with many years of Administration experience.

Sue Leppan

Public Officer

Sue has been involved with Coomaditchie since 2004. In addition to ensuring compliance for the corporation as Public Officer, Lorraine describes Sue as "the bridge" connecting the corporation to mainstream organisations.

Jane Marton

General Support Worker (Volunteer)

Jane has supported Coomaditchie for seven years in a voluntary capacity. She describes herself as a "gopher" doing all the odd jobs necessary in a busy community centre. Jane ably assists with art authenticity certification and administrative support.

Michelle Wilson

Project Coordinator, Ngaramura

Michelle is the Coordinator of the Ngaramura Project, which provides a supportive pathway assisting young people to re-engage with education through a cultural learning framework.

Reanne Potter

Graphic design, marketing and social enterprise management

Reanne specialises in delivering end-to-end creative solutions, navigating the entire spectrum from marketing strategies and brand development to graphic design and the execution and rollout of intelligent artistic deliverables. With over two decades of expertise in branding and design, Reanne's passion lies in fostering meaningful collaborations.

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