Artists from the Coomaditchie Co-operative are some of the premier Aboriginal artists in the Illawarra region. Their art captures the spirit, colours and stories of their cultural heritage as coastal people.


Lorraine Brown

Lorraine is the premier artist of the Coomaditchie United Aboriginal Corporation. Lorraine views her ability to paint as a gift. She uses bold colours that reflect her coastal upbringing. "We are East Coast Saltwater People", Lorraine says. My colours symbolise my life.

Narelle Thomas

Narelle is one of Lorraine's sisters and they paint together. Lorraine

does the fine work and Narelle fills in the details. Lorraine and Narelle work like professional dancers, one leads and the other follows and no-one steps on any toes. It is clear they have been working together for many, many years.

Shane Brown

Shane has been painting since his teenage years. He is the eldest son of Lorraine and Sonny Brown. Initially mentored by Lorraine, Shane is a talented artist who continues to develop his own unique style.

Allison Day

Allison has been working as an artist at Coomaditchie since 2002. She grew up in the WOllonogng are and her paintings reflect the colours and influences of the Illawarra. Symbolic references to her life experiences can also be seen in her work.

Tynan Lenihan Brown

Tynan, son of Shane Brown and Denise Lenihan, has been painting at the side of his father since childhood. While his distinctive style is influenced by Shane, Tynan's art continues to evolve.

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