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Illawarra Aboriginal students see the way and re-engage with education: New report finds culturally based program a success

University of Wollongong Media Release

At the launch of the final Evaluation Report of the Ngaramura Program on Tuesday 19 July 2022., the Ngarruwan Ngadju First Peoples Health and Wellbeing Research Centre at the University of Wollongong and the Coomaditchie United Aboriginal Corporation deemed the program a success.

Art that tells a story

The Illawarra Flame

The Flame visited Aunties Narelle Thomas and Lorraine Brown, two well-known elders, in their studio gallery at Kemblawarra Community Hall to ask them what NAIDOC means to them, and what it can mean to others.

Future's bright: UOW set for an exciting year

Illawarra Mercury

A beautiful artwork titled 'Cultural Healing' donated by the Coomaditchie Aboriginal Corporation will be woven throughout the 2022 UOW Graduation ceremony and represented on everything from the commemorative graduation booklets, through to the flags flying high outside of the WIN Entertainment Centre.

Check out the Aboriginal Art Trail across the Illawarra this week

Illawarra Mercury

The Illawarra Art Trail includes up-and-coming artists who are exhibiting their works for the first time, alongside established and revered artists like Uncle Vic Chapman and Aunty Lorraine Brown.

How caring for children can help Aboriginal Elders during lockdown

The Conversation

A team of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal researchers from the University of Sydney’s Research Centre for Children & Families have launched a new report which sheds light on these experiences and on some unexpected positives that emerged for Aboriginal communities in New South Wales.

How children can help Aboriginal Elders during lockdown

University of Sydney

A new report by the University of Sydney Research Centre for Children & Families sheds light on stories of both hardship and resilience during pandemic lockdowns.

Coomaditchie Elders highlight NAIDOC Week at Koonawarra Public School

Illawarra Mercury

Aboriginal history and culture is being celebrated all this week at Koonawarra Public School. Coomaditchie Elders including Aunty Lorraine Brown dropped by the school on Wednesday to run various art workshops for the eager students.

'Woolungah' now adorns Wollongong Private Hospital's main foyer

Illawarra Mercury

The vibrant blue, white, green and brown colours of a stunning new canvas called "Woolungah" now take centre stage in the main foyer of Wollongong Private Hospital.

Illawarra after school learning club has been kicking goals during 2020

Illawarra Mercury

The Illawarra learning club, hosted by Coomaditchie United Aboriginal Corporation, which supports both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students with their studies after school hours was celebrated on Monday.

Dispossession and invasion: Art program challenges colonial narrative

Sydney Morning Herald

Sydney Living Museums is to acquire five works by leading Indigenous artists. There are plans for SLM executives to visit the Coomaditchie United Aboriginal Corporation in Wollongong and select a work to hang in their offices as a reminder of the organisation's commitment to telling the stories of Indigenous history.

First Nations' voices seen and heard at Wollongong Art Gallery in two exhibitions showcasing indigenous art and stories

Illawarra Mercury

Hanging upon the walls of the Mann-Tatlow gallery, is the wisdom handed down through the Coomaditchie United Aboriginal Corporation. "Keeping culture alive" showcases the work of seven artists, from Illawarra elders down to teenagers.

Five islands dreaming story as told by Illawarra Wadi Wadi women

ABC News

Aunty Lorraine Brown and her sister, Narelle Thomas, were quick to grasp the opportunity for visual storytelling to create a mural at Hill 66.

Aboriginal stories are told by the Port Kembla seaside

Illawarra Mercury

Stories of the Aboriginal people of Port Kembla feature in a newly constructed seawall in that suburb. As part of the project, Sydney Water worked with local artists of the Coomaditchie United Aboriginal Corporation with a view to incorporating some of their works.

New Warrawong murals painted by artists and residents revealed

Illawarra Mercury

Coomaditchie United Aboriginal Corporation was commissioned to undertake workshops with local residents living in social homes in Warrawong to create a series of murals that represent the area they live in.

Aboriginal stories to feature in Sydney Water's Port Kembla sea wall

Illawarra Mercury

Sydney Water is rebuilding a severely damaged sea wall around its Port Kembla storm plant. A colonial and indigenous art installation will be a feature of the new sea wall, designed in partnership with the Illawarra Local Aboriginal Land Council and the Coomaditchie United Aboriginal Corporation.

Big turnout to popular NAIDOC Family Fun Day in Warrawong

Illawarra Mercury

Another year, another successful NAIDOC Family Fun Day celebration in Warrawong. Well-known and highly respected elders Uncle Gerald Brown and Aunty Lorraine Brown did a Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony.

Treaty's value questioned by Indigenous elders, but recognition of Australia's first people important

ABC News

Dharawal elder Lorraine Brown, an artist at Coomaditichie United Aboriginal Corporation in Port Kembla, believes a treaty won't change anything.

How two sisters helped return Coomaditchie to its former glory

Illawarra Mercury

Aboriginal people weren't responsible for the noxious weeds that invaded Coomaditchie Lagoon and strangled the native plant life. But it was two Aboriginal sisters who took it into their own hands to clean up the mess.

Coomaditchie big winner at inaugural Wollongong pitch night

Illawarra Mercury

Coomaditchie United Aboriginal Corporation was the big winner of COORDINARE - South Eastern NSW PHN's inaugural Pitch Night receiving $70,500 for their Deadly Women and Deadly Girls program.

Environment of trust helps Indigenous teens re-engage with education system

ABC News

A small Aboriginal community hall on the NSW south coast is home to a groundbreaking cultural mentorship program turning around the lives of disengaged Indigenous students.

Ngaramura – getting back on the education path

The Ngaramura (See the Way) Project run by the Coomaditchie United Aboriginal Corporation is making a huge difference to struggling Aboriginal students in the Illawarra.

IRT Foundation celebrates success of the Coomaditchie United Aboriginal Corporation’s Capturing Culture project

Illawarra Mercury

Led by Elders and Coomaditchie founders, Aunty Lorraine Brown and Aunty Narelle Thomas, ‘Capturing Culture’ sought to connect Aboriginal people across the generations, using modern and traditional media, to record and preserve the stories of 28 Aboriginal Elders.

It's an important piece of history this old hall

ABC Open

If we can carry on the cause of our Elders to break down a lot of the barriers that'll be a big achievement for all of us. And people will know that the history of this country starts with the traditional owners of this country.

Five Islands Creation Story Inspires Rehabilitation Project

NSW Office of Environment & Heritage Media Release

The Five Islands creation story painted by respected Koori artists Lorraine Brown and Narelle Thomas was unveiled today at a celebration hosted by the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS).

Capturing Culture program awarded IRT grant

Illawarra Mercury

A program that helps preserve Aboriginal culture is among the first recipients of funding from the IRT Foundation's inaugural Community Grants Program.

Wollongong council's Hill 60 strategy could see wartime tunnels opened

Illawarra Mercury

Draft maps outlining a suggested overhaul of Hill 60 trail show a heritage-focused walking track – to be known as the Ngaraba-ann Trail – which would link Port Kembla Heritage Park to Hill 60 and Coomaditchie Reserve.

Port Kembla kids captivated by Dreamtime mural

Illawarra Mercury

St Patrick's Catholic Primary School in Port Kembla unveiled their new mural yesterday. A collaboration between the pupils and Coomaditchie Artists' Co-operative members Lorraine Brown and Narelle Thomas, the three-panelled painting features the children's interpretations of Illawarra dreaming stories.

Art of the Dreaming shines on Crown Street

Illawarra Mercury

Last week, sisters Narelle Thomas and Lorraine Brown unveiled a small collection of artworks reflecting their indigenous heritage, at the Alibi bar on Crown Street.

Record ball of string encourages great yarns

ABC News

An Indigenous advocacy group is trying to break the record in Darwin for the largest ever ball of string.

NAIDOC Day celebrations in Warrawong

Illawarra Mercury

People from all walks of life gathered in Warrawong, on July 8 to celebrate NAIDOC Day.

Koori artist breaks down barriers

Illawarra Mercury

Aunty Lorraine Brown, of Coomaditchie United Aboriginal Corporation uses art to break down barriers and give the community members more understanding about Aboriginal culture.

Dots to recovery as sick kids learn Indigenous art

ABC Illawarra

It's not often you get a chance to sit down with two well-respected Indigenous artists, learn from their skill, hear their stories and contribute to a beautiful artwork. But that's what's been happening with sick children at the Illawarra Hospital School in Wollongong over the last month.

Coomaditchie Lagoon

Radio National

Tucked into the industrial landscape of Port Kembla on the New South Wales South Coast is the Coomaditichie lagoon. For a long time, the area was neglected and environmentally unsound. But more recently, the Coomaditichie United Aboriginal Corporation have started caring for the lagoon.

Marketing students work with Coomaditchie artists

UOW Media Release

University of Wollongong Commerce students have prepared a marketing plan for the Coomaditchie United Aboriginal Corporation as part of the new UOW Community Exchange program.

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