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The Coomaditchie United Aboriginal Corporation is an Aboriginal organisation dedicated to raising the esteem, pride and dignity of young Aboriginal people in their Aboriginal culture and heritage.

The Coomaditchie Artists' Co-operative is a vital part of our organisation, comprised of a group of Aboriginal people who love to paint and create artworks. We are East Coast Saltwater People and our work reflects the colours and images of our environment - the South Coast of New South Wales.

In addition to the Artists’ Co-operative we provide employment and training for local community members.


Each time you purchase a product from our organization, you are making a significant contribution towards these objectives, and we thank you.


Our long-term goal is to become a self-sufficient community by providing fee for service training, working with community groups and schools, undertaking public art projects and by selling our unique artworks. 
The Coomaditchie United Aboriginal Corporation is based in the old Kemblawarra Community Hall just south of Wollongong New South Wales. This is an ideal location for us as we are able to continue the role of our forefathers as the custodians of the Coomaditchy Lagoon which is within our immediate environment. We are committed to the regeneration and care of the land around the Coomaditchy Lagoon.

Coomaditchy Lagoon and its surrounds are of significance for the local area for aesthetic, scientific and cultural reasons. 

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